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Sylwetka człowieka na wózku elektrycznym, z przypiętym kalendarzem z datą 07.2013
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The DuoDiscus XLT glider with controls for the handicapped is ready!

Several months ago at our website we wrote about the „Flying With No Limits – The Handicapped Soar Into The Air” initiative, supported by Avalon Foundation.

One of our beneficiaries, Adam Czeladzki, at the moment the only handicapped pilot competing in Poland, committed himself to starting and giving momentum to flight training of the handicapped. What had been already accomplished then was the establishment of the adapted, staffed training center in Leszno (SW Poland),  the only missing piece was the adapted glider. This last barrier came down this year. The dual-seat Duo Discuss XLT glider with hands controls is now ready!

Adam, flying the new glider as a senior pilot in a two-man crew with Junior, Krzysztof Trzewik, competes now with success at the 17th European Gliding Championships (5-20 July, Ostrów Wielkopolski).

We heartfully thank all the people who had supported the „Flying With No Limits – The Handicapped Soar Into The Air” initiative! We congratulate Adam his ongoing success and keep our fingers crosses for the success of the handicapped pilots training.